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  • Martin Controller 2510 Controller

    Powerful Playback Controller for an easy and inexpensive hardware based control solution.

    2 095 kr
  • Martin Controller DABS1

    The DABS 1 interface is a handy tool for uploading fixture software from a PC base using MUM software.

    1 708 kr
  • Martin Controller Ether2DMX8

    Ether2DMX8 is a highly capable DMX router and much more! As a DMX router, it translates Artnet protocol into DMX in/out universes but can also be used as a DMX merger, DMX splitter hub, fail safe device, cue playback, and DMX viewer monitor. As an extension for the M1 console it provides 8 additional DMX ports and includes the required DMX license. When...

    20 338 kr
  • Martin Controller Fixture Beam Analyzer

    The Fixture Beam Analyzer uses a standard webcam (not included) to analyze a lighting fixture's output on any surface, making lamp adjustments an easier and more accurate procedure for a more uniform field of light.

    9 974 kr
  • Martin Controller LightJockey 2

    LightJockey 2.7.1 is a flexible, easy to use Windows-based controller that is available with a single Universal USB-DMX Interface.

    6 789 kr
  • Martin Controller M-PC V3 Basic Kit

    M-PC V3 is a Windows-compatible version of the M-Series console in an online and offline editing tool and can be downloaded here.It is ideal for training purposes and preprogramming of shows.A training video and user manual are also available.M-PC can be used for free with the Martin Duo DMX box, and for one Universe over Art-Net or with an ENTTEC USB-DMX...

    9 731 kr
  • Martin Controller M-Sync SMPTE USB

    The M-Sync is a simple USB device that allows SMPTE timecode to be input directly into any M-Series console - M1, M2GO, M2PC, M-PC V3, Cerebrum. The M-Sync USB device has two 3-pin XLR connectors for timecode In/Out supporting LTC timecode @ 24, 25, 29.97 and 30 frames per second. It can be connected to any USB port on a PC or M-Series console. M-Sync...

    3 935 kr
  • Martin Controller M1

    M1 is the next generation lighting controller from Martin Professional. With the full power of a larger desk and the agility of a smaller one, the M1 is a state-of-the-art, all-in-one lighting desk. Following the philosophy and simplicity of our current controller platform, the Martin M1 sets a new standard as the most powerful and affordable...

    102 438 kr
  • Martin Controller M2GO

    Equipped with a fast, dual-core processor with no external computer required, the M2GO answers the demand for a more powerful lighting console in a smaller form. It offers a professional level of features in a portable package and has been developed with cost, ergonomics, feature set, size and weight in mind. The M2GO is a unique, portable and powerful...

    60 513 kr
  • Martin Controller M2PC

    M2PC is the complementary control surface to Martin's M-PC V3 controller software. Featuring the same layout and portable size as the M2GO, the M2PC delivers a professional level of features directly from any PC. Following the philosophy and simplicity of our current controller platform, such as the Martin M1, the Martin M2PC is one of the most powerful...

    32 575 kr
  • Martin Controller M6

    The M6 is a state-of-the-art lighting console that functions as a highly advanced visual control surface. Designed to control everything from conventional and moving lights to the most advanced media server, the M6 has been designed for today's demanding multimedia shows and tomorrow's challenges. Based on the well-proven M-Series software platform, the...

    232 750 kr
  • Martin Controller Martin DMX 5.3 Splitter

    The Martin DMX 5.3 Splitter is the most economical protection for DMX controllers and devices. The main purpose of the Martin 5.3 Splitter is to maintain proper data over long or several runs of DMX signal. The Splitter boosts the weak DMX signal to its original output level before it becomes too low to be read from DMX devices. Disruption of DMX is often...

    4 061 kr
  • Martin Controller Martin One-Key M-PC V3 Basic Lic

    Martin One-Key is a future-proof concept in lighting software distribution that eliminates the inconvenience of storing software licenses in DMX hardware. This simple USB dongle can store one or more licenses and protects the software from illegal copies.

    8 139 kr
  • Martin Controller Martin RDM 5.5 Splitter

    The Martin RDM 5.5 Splitter is the perfect companion to any controller or DMX/RDM device. The main purpose of the Martin 5.5 Splitter is to maintain proper data over long or several runs of DMX signal. The Splitter boosts the weak DMX signal to its original output level before it becomes too low to be read by DMX devices. Disruption of DMX is often caused...

    4 980 kr
  • Martin Controller Martin ShowDesigner MSD 5 Live

    Martin ShowDesigner (MSD) is a unique and user-friendlylighting and set design software package, brilliant for developing realistic 3-D lighting simulations. Invaluable as a high quality production or sales presentation tool, MSD allows you to create realistic set and lighting design renderings using reflection, transparency, lighting, shadow and smoke....

    23 575 kr
  • Martin Controller Martin USB Duo DMX Interface

    The Martin USB Duo DMX Interface features XLR 5P female connectors and provides two DMX 512 universes from any USB enabled Windows-based PC. It communicates with Martin LightJockeyT (with Martin One-KeyT), the MaxxyzT and M1T controller series, the MaxediaT media server series, and Martin ShowDesigner 5T (MSD5), as well as Martin fixture software...

    3 148 kr
  • Martin Controller Maxedia Capture Card

    The MCC series (Maxedia Capture Card) are low latency capture cards used in the Maxedia PRO and Maxedia Broadcast, offering high definition in the highest quality and speed available today.

    48 763 kr
  • Martin Controller Maxedia Compact Rackmount

    Utilizing an intuitive touchscreen-optimized user interface, MaxediaT is the most user-friendly tool for media composing and playback in all types of applications. Access a vast library of media clips, still images and integrated animations without the need for a complex lighting controller. Maxedia Compact RackmountT is a budget-minded solution with...

    97 413 kr
  • Martin Controller MaxModule Frame

    The MaxModule Frame can accept up to two MaxModules of any kind (except the Cerebrum which only fits in the upper position), making it possible to combine different modules in the same frame - thereby customizing it for a specific application. The included blind plate can be used to hold a laptop or notes and paperwork.

    16 563 kr
  • Martin Controller Maxxyz Compact

    Maxxyz Compact offers full M-Series functionality and an intuitive philosophy in a mid-sized console. Its compact size and modular design make this professional lighting console ideal for all manner of productions.

    202 000 kr
  • Martin Detonator

    Strobe controller fra Martin

    1 495 kr
  • rack beslag 19" til mc-1 og detonator

    Skal du have din Martin MC-1 eller Detonator monteret i rack? Så er dette beslaget der passer

    159 kr 179 kr -20 kr

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