DC Axial Fan, 12 V, Square, 92 mm, 32 mm, Ball Bearing, 69.9 CFM Forstør

DC Axial Fan, 12 V, Square, 92 mm, 32 mm, Ball Bearing, 69.9 CFM



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The 3612KL series standard DC Axial Fan commonly used in PC/PSU and fan tray applications. In addition, this series offers a range of high performance fans with enhanced reliability and brushless. Environmental protection and control features for high end applications, typical of server and telecommunication equipment applications.
  • Brushless motor structure
  • Class E insulation
  • PWM Control for fan
  • Protection against the ingress of dust and water
  • Motor and PCB fully encapsulated in silicone rubber material
  • Motor burnout is prevented by locked rotor protection/automatic restart and polarity
  • Open collector for both locked rotor and tach output circuit
  • 700VAC/sec Dielectric withstand voltage
  • 10MR at 500VDC Minimum insulation resistance

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