Guitar Effects

Guitar Effects

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  • LD Systems 2-Channel Pedal with 16 Digital Effects

    FX 300For a singer-songwriter performing on stage or giving a concert in a living room, sound is everything.LD Systems FX 300 will blow you away right from the moment you start your show, even if you've had little to no time to carry out a soundcheck. This small yet handy device not only serves as an effect pedal for altering the sound of your voice and...

    1 459,00 kr
  • LD Systems 2-Channel Effect Pedal with Carrying Bag and...

    FX 300 SETWhen you take the stage as a singer-songwriter or perform a living room concert, the quality of your sound plays a crucial role in how you are received by the audience. With the FX 300 SET from LD Systems (consisting of effects processor, transport bag and power supply), they will be convinced from the first tone you make - even if there was no...

    1 699,00 kr
  • Palmer Portable Bass Preamp

    POCKET AMP BASSProviding extensive sound shaping options for active and passive bass guitars, the Pocket Bass Amp is a multi-purpose effects pedal and preamp that‘s perfect for gigging, recording and practising. It features clean, overdrive and fuzz modes with adjustable drive and saturation, a 3-band EQ with semi-parametric mid control that is...

    1 569,00 kr
  • Palmer Portable Guitar Preamp

    POCKET AMP MK 2In its new incarnation, the Palmer Pocket Amp MK 2 delivers an extended range of authentic tube amplifier tones from high headroom ultra clean to maxed out high gain distortion. With 3-position selector switches for amplifier design, gain structure and loudspeaker miking simulation the MK 2's hot rodded circuitry lets you easily configure...

    1 179,00 kr
  • Palmer Portable Preamp for Acoustic String Instruments

    POCKET AMP ACOUSTICProviding extensive sound shaping options for acoustic guitars and basses, the Acoustic Pocket Amp is a versatile preamp that‘s perfect for gigging, recording and practising. It accomodates both piezo and magnetic pickups, and the 3-band EQ with semi-parametric mid control is specifically tuned for acoustic instruments. The Pocket...

    1 569,00 kr

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