Moving Heads

Moving Heads

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  • Cameo LED Spot Moving Head

    AURO® SPOT Z300With fantastic gobo projections, morphing and mid-air effects, the Cameo AURO® SPOT Z 300 is made for impressive lighting design. Compact yet fully featured, the RDM-enabled spot moving head offers both a 540° and 630° pan and a 270° tilt with 16-bit resolution and automated position correction. The 10° to 25° zoom range facilitates both...

    13 009,00 kr
  • Cameo Lighting System with 4 Ultra-fast 32 W RGBW Quad...

    HYDRABEAM 4000 RGBWThe Cameo Hydrabeam 4000 features four individually controllable moving heads on a 100 cm (3.28 ft.) bar with ultra fast 540° pan and 270° tilt. They are equipped with powerful 32 W quad LEDs for brilliant, uniform colour mixes and project razor sharp beams with an extremely focused 2.5° spread.The Hydrabeam 4000 provides 5 modes of DMX...

    7 579,00 kr
  • Cameo Lighting Set with 4 Ultra-fast 10 W CREE RGBW Quad...

    HYDRABEAM 400 RGBW The Cameo HydraBeam 400 RGBW is a light system with 4 ultra-fast moving heads that can be controlled independently. They are equipped with high-intensity, 10 W Quad LEDs made by the leading manufacturer Cree to provide a narrow 4.5° beam angle. The moving heads swivel by up to 540° horizontally and by up to 270° vertically, and are...

    4 649,00 kr
  • Cameo Unlimited Rotation Beam Moving Head with LED Ring...

    MOVO BEAM Z100Taking the success of the MOVO®Beam 100 one step further, the Movo® Beam Z 100 is an ultra-fast moving head featuring a powerful motor zoom. With a zoom range of 4 to 30 degrees, it delivers tightly focussed beams, beatiful wash and amazing zoom effects. A central high-performance 60 watt OSRAM LED with a 50,000 hour lifespan produces rich...

    7 059,00 kr
  • Cameo LED Moving Head

    AURO® SPOT 200The Cameo AURO® SPOT 200 is an RDM-capable moving head with 16-bit resolution, 630° pan and 235° tilt, driven by fast 3-phase motors and equipped with an extremely bright, 100-watt LED with a lifetime of over 20,000 hours. It is powered by a single 100 watt LED and sports 8 intense colours plus white and split colours, 6 replaceable gobos...

    9 359,00 kr
  • Cameo 60 W RGBW Beam Moving Head

    NANOBEAM 600Taking up little space only yet providing a powerful performance, the Cameo NANO Beam 600 is a miniature moving head providing 540° pan and 240° tilt. Equipped with a single 60 watt RGBW LED, it produces rich colour mixes and a tightly focussed 5.2° beam.The compact luminaire offers 5 modes of DMX control. In addition, the NANO Beam 600 sports...

    3 109,00 kr
  • Cameo LED Mini Moving Head 30 W

    NANOSPOT 300The Cameo NanoSpot 300 is a miniature moving head with 540° pan and 230° tilt that is powered by a single 30W LED. It sports a color wheel with red, orange, yellow, green, blue, cyan and purple filters, 7 attractive gobos plus 7 stunning lightshow presets.The NanoSpot 300 includes all the features of larger moving head models such as 3 DMX...

    3 279,00 kr
  • Cameo Endless Rotation Beam Moving Head with LED Ring

    MOVO BEAM 200An intensely colorful light show will delight your audience regardless of whether or not you are a professional lighting designer. Tightly focused beams, powerful mid-air effects, and plenty of different pieces of eye-candy all combined in one device give you comprehensive possibilities for a highly creative lighting design.The moving head is...

    7 529,00 kr
  • Cameo Unlimited Rotation Beam Moving Head with LED Ring

    MOVO BEAM 100The MOVO® BEAM 100 is a powerful ultra-fast moving head delivering a narrow and defined 5,5° beam. A central high-performance 60 watt Osram LED produces rich RGBW mixes with saturated primary colours, subtle pastel hues and natural shades of white. It is surrounded by an RGB LED ring with 4 individually controllable segments to enable a...

    5 699,00 kr

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