Signal Splitter & Switcher

Signal Splitter & Switcher

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  • Palmer 24-Channel Loudspeaker Switching System

    Grand Audition MKIIWhen tasting wine, it is important that a comparison is as neutral as possible. The same applies to selecting loudspeakers.To accurately judge sound characteristics, it is essential to listen to different loudspeakers under the same conditions.Comfortable loudspeaker routing with variable level control for an uncompromising comparison...

    9 909,00 kr
  • Palmer Passive Cabinet Merger

    CAB MThe concept behind Palmer's Cab Merger may be very simple, but the unit fills an important gap! Have you ever wanted to connect two guitar cabinets to just one amplifier output? It's quite simple with the PCABM! In addition, you can choose parallel or series wiring. For instance, two 8 ohm cabinets can be connected for a total load of 4 ohms...

    359,00 kr
  • Palmer Switching System 2 Guitar Amplifiers to 1 Cabinet...

    TINO SYSTEMThe Palmer TINO SYSTEM - The clever solution for switching two amps to 1 cabinetAmbitious guitarists often use two amplifiers in order to obtain different basic sounds. However, transport, space restrictions and the decrease in output associated with PA speakers can be very inconvenient. This is where TINO S promises to help. The switcher...

    3 109,00 kr
  • Palmer Splitter for Guitars

    GA 03"When I run my guitar into two amps simultaneously, I always get a loud hum". This is a rather common problem, often discussed in the technology section of relevant industry magazines. The Palmer Y box is the solution. Converting the hi-Z guitar signal, the FET input circuitry also drives a transformer which routes the ungrounded signal to the...

    1 299,00 kr
  • Palmer Balanced Line Output Switch

    ABOPalmer PEABO is a Balanced Line Output Switch with one input and two outputs. Thus, it is the perfect choice for routing a signal to either one of two possible inputs. Switch your vocal mic between the FOH and monitor mixing desk to communicate with the monitor mixer or the band on stage. Two different sound configurations: to switch between different...

    779,00 kr
  • Palmer Balanced Line Input Switcher

    ABIThe Palmer PEABI is more than a simple switcher for two sources, it also provides level adjustment of microphone or line signals. Whether microphone or line signal, the PEABI toggles silently between the two inputs permitting fast and simple signal comparison and the connection of two sources to one input. Three slide switches select 15 dB of...

    789,00 kr
  • Palmer Nano Mixer for Guitars and Line Signals

    DUETTOThe Palmer DUETTO is a small format active mixer. Input sensitivity and impedance are optimised for electric guitar applications but the unit also works well with other instruments and devices with line level signals. The DUETTO allows two active sources to be mixed to a single amplifier input. Each input has a volume controller for level...

    889,00 kr

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