Summing Mixers

Summing Mixers

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  • Palmer Passive 2-Channel Line Merger

    RIVER mainSometimes it is necessary to send two stereo signals to one device, for example, when two mixing consoles have to drive a stereo power amplifier. In practice, this is rarely possible without ground loops occurring. The Palmer main solves this type of problem. It mixes two stereo input signals via a resistor matrix, whereby the input pair A is...

    2 949,00 kr
  • Palmer Dual Channel Line Merger Active

    MB L AThe PMBL-ACTIVE is a 2-channel stereo line level merge box that can be used to merge two stereo line signals into one stereo output. One classic application: routing two mixing desks to one PA system. The unit has enough amplification to boost even semi-professional levels accordingly. The input channels are galvanically isolated from one another....

    5 149,00 kr
  • Palmer Passive Microphone Merge Box

    RIVER tauberDo you have two microphones, but just one free microphone input?This problem has existed for as long as there have been PA systems! The Palmer tauber Microphone Merge Box solves the problem in a simple way. It has two balanced microphone inputs that are summed via a resistor matrix to a balanced mono signal which is routed to a single XLR...

    599,00 kr

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