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  • MONACOR Varslingssystem EN 54-16 - MEVAC-4

    Evacuation controller, with EN 54-16 certification for voice alarm systems (VAS) according to DIN EN 60849 (VDE 0828) and DIN VDE 0833-4.As a central controller, the MEVAC-4 can carry out numerous functions: Monitoring of the speaker lines Monitoring of the amplifiers with emergency switching (for 4 amplifiers and 1 spare amplifier) Digital voice storage...

    36 999,00 kr
  • MONACOR PA varslingsenhed - PA-24FMM

    Insertion module for emergency announcements, with integrated voice memory. For PA mixing amplifiers with insertion compartment Hand-held microphone with operational monitoring Alarm input for activation Integrated digital voice memory (60 seconds max.) with microphone input or line input for recording messages Automatic reproduction possible of a...

    1 899,00 kr
  • MONACOR 100V matrixforstærker 4x120Wrms - PA-40120

    4-zone mono mixing amplifier, with 4 active 120 W outputs,for setting up a multi-zone PA system. A switch allows each of the 5 inputs to be assigned to one of the 4 outputs. Thus, it is possible to reproduce varying programmes in different areas. Another advantage is that an announcement in one area will not interrupt the programme in another area.With...

    11 299,00 kr
  • MONACOR PA varslingsenhed - PA-26FMU

    PA emergency sound system, for integrating into PA systems according to EN 60849. Hand-held microphone with monitored functionality Alarm input for triggering alarm Reproduction of MP3 voice recordings via integrated SD card slot (for media up to 32 GB, not supplied), volume control Siren emits an acoustic signal for 10 seconds when alarm is triggered,...

    2 799,00 kr
  • MONACOR 100V matrixforstærker 4x120Wrms - PA-12040

    4-kanals mixerforstærker, mono, med professionelle funktioner til generel "multi-room" anvendelse. 4 x 120 W (PA-12040) 4 x 40 W (PA-4040) 100 V og 4/8 Ω  Perfekt udnyttelse af kapaciteten og god beskyttelse af de tilsluttede højttalere via integreret limiter 3 kombinerede mikrofon-/line-indgange  2 line stereoindgange, phono Alle indgange har gain,...

    7 299,00 kr
  • MONACOR Bordmikrofon - PA-4300PTT

    PA desktop microphone (push-to-talk), for connection to PA-1120 or PA-1240. Automatic chime via microphone announcement button (talk) Chime can be activated or deactivated as required LED indication for talk and busy Power supply via connected amplifier RJ45 jack for connecting additional PA-4300PTT with slave/priority switch  3 x PA-4300PTT can be...

    1 599,00 kr
  • MONACOR Mikrofon t/MEVAC-4 - MEVAC-1FH

    Hand-held PA microphone, for emergency announcements according to EN 60849. For connection to evacuation controller MEVAC-4 Monitored microphone cartridge and request line Push-to-talk button Red plastic housing (fireman's microphone) with dynamic microphone cartridge and steel clip 1 m helix connection cable with 5-pole DIN plug

    2 999,00 kr
  • MONACOR Bordmikrofon t/MEVAC-4 - MEVAC-1FT

    PA desktop microphone, for emergency announcements according to EN 60849. For connection to evacuation controller MEVAC-4 Monitored microphone cartridge and request line Push-to-talk button Gooseneck with dynamic microphone cartridge Red metal housing (fireman's microphone) 1.8 m connection cable with 5-pole DIN plug

    3 499,00 kr
  • MONACOR Bordmikrofon t/MEVAC-4 - MEVAC-4PTT

    PA desktop microphone (push-to-talk), for connection to evacuation controller MEVAC-4. 4 call zone push-buttons Push-button for all-call function Ready to call indication via LED Gooseneck with dynamic microphone cartridge 1.8 m connection cable with 9-pole D-sub plug

    4 149,00 kr
  • MONACOR Bordmikrofon t/PA-40120 - PA-4000PTT

    PA desktop microphone (push-to-talk), for connection to PA-40120 or PA-1120, PA-1240, PA-1412MX and the PA-6000 series. Automatic chime via microphone announcement button (talk) Chime can be activated and deactivated as required Power supply via connected amplifiers RJ45 jack for connection to suitable amplifiers Supplied with 3 m connection cable (Cat....

    1 499,00 kr
  • MONACOR Bordmikrofon t/PA-40120 - PA-4000RC

    PA zone paging desktop microphone, for the connection to PA-40120. Selection buttons for 4 zones, for activating one or several zones ALL CALL button for activating all of the 4 zones Autom. chime via microphone announcement button (talk) LED status indication for the zone buttons (busy, emergency), power, mic fault, signal and talk Built-in gooseneck...

    2 149,00 kr
  • MONACOR Dante(R) bordmikrofon - ECM-300DT

    The wired, Dante®-enabled gooseneck microphone can conveniently be integrated into a Dante® Audio over IP network and provides an excellent voice transmission for fixed installations in shops, hotels, in pubs and restaurants, in schools or indoor sports facilities. The installation is quite easy: the desktop microphone is connected to the network via the...

    6 199,00 kr
  • MONACOR Nødstrømforsyning - PA-24ESP

    24 V emergency PSU, for our PA components with 24 V connection. Possible to install 2 x rechargeable lead battery NPA-12/24  Screw terminal for external 24 V rechargeable batteries Maximum charging current: 2.5 A Electronic charging control with overload protection, protection against total discharge and trickle charge 1 x output  DC current  24 V/1 A...

    4 599,00 kr
  • Modul t/MPS-8Z - MPS-8K

    The MPS-8K is an extension keypad (zone extension) for the desktop microphone station MPS-8Z.It features 8 programmable buttons for addressing up to 8 additional call zones. Up to 7 extension keypads MPS-8K can be connected to each desktop microphone station MPS-8Z.The keypad includes a transparent cover for labelling each of the zone buttons. Extension...

    8 299,00 kr
  • Bordmikrofon t/ONE - MPS-8Z

    The MPS-8Z is a high-performance digital desktop microphone station for voice alarm system ONE-500. The call station features 8 push-buttons for 8 zones. With the optional additional unit MPS-8K, a call zone extension can be implemented. An all-call button is also available. Using the event button in combination with the zone buttons, a variety of system...

    10 299,00 kr
  • Ethernet interface - STE-21

    The STE-21 provides Ethernet connectivity to control and monitor devices without Ethernet port. It features 2 x bi-directional RS-232 port, 2 x port for connecting devices for infrared (IR) transmission, 10 x GPIO port which can be configured as inputs or outputs via software and 1 x RS-485 port. Thanks to its small size and robustness, the STE-21 is very...

    6 199,00 kr

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